Trying to be someone you're not is hard, being yourself is easy . When life begins, make sure you make the most of it with the little things as well as the big. I take all of these photos for my own enjoyment! California livin'.

Wait a sec.. Where are all these awesome followers coming from? 😍😍

Q: ayy you're from Dana too? never run into someone on tumblr from the same area as me 🙋

Ayy let’s be friends! Hehe I just moved to sc but I’m always in Dana 👋😎💃

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Q: can't wait for the rest! you look stunning! :)

Aw thanks!

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Q: You're pictures are so great! I love the artistic views

Thank you very much. :)

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I was taking a screenshot of this picture of Oregon just now and my camera noise on my phone went off and bae was sleeping next to me, he shouts “my Doritos are taking pictures of me!!”