Trying to be someone you're not is hard, being yourself is easy . When life begins, make sure you make the most of it with the little things as well as the big. I take all of these photos for my own enjoyment! California livin'.
Q: where exactly is the graffiti place you took pictures? it's at holy jim's right?

Uhhh I don’t think it’s holy jims exactly, I think It might be called Black Star. It’s located in the same area though. :)

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Q: hey i really like your blog ! follow me back please. also do you have twitter ?

Hey thanks! Will dooo, and nope!

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Q: Hello ! i have been wanting to say this for a while now... I just think you're so gorgeous and when we talk in person it really hurts not just being able to tell you how i really feel... Well i guess you know now, hope this doesn't make the next time we talk awkward ahah.

I hope I don’t offend you when I say this but, what’s your name? I don’t really know who you are from your tumblr unless I’m blind hahaha.. But that is very sweet of you. I’ve been really down lately and it’s people like you who brighten my soul and maybe lift it up a little.. thank you. 

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→ The Pretty Reckless - You

i can’t have you, no..

like you have me.

Do you even think back to when I first met you?

Tumblr should really work on putting more restrictions down to changing the source of pictures. How would you like it if someone’s took credit of something you created? It’s not fair. C’mon tumblr get with the program!!